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This project is being driven by many exchanges with young people, teachers and educators from the North West, UK and overseas.

Here, we run live boards as virtual spaces for everyone to join the debate. We ask that you respond to some of our key research questions in order to join the conversation & share your ideas….

The live boards are hosted by the platform Padlet. The virtual boards allow you to respond to the given question or theme in an easy & simple way through a virtual sticky note. These notes enable imagery, video uploads & files to be attached. They also allow you to respond to the ideas & opinions shared by others.

You can remain entirely anonymous when posting if preferred, however we ask if possible that you include the context of your experience (e.g Year 10 student / primary school teacher) and the country your experience is from.

Your contributions are hugely valued by us and just like the people we are meeting in person to interview, they will all feed into to the next stages of our project, acting as research for our documentary film as well as informing the artworks & spaces that we create and share with the public.

Please see all live board topics below and click the link to add your views.

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